Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Haruna / Rina surprisingly is a “M”(masochist) / don’t wear any clothes at home

A fan shared this to me and so I’m sharing it you all of you too since some info’s about two certain people in the group are shocking XDD

SCANDAL were guests on this week’s episode of Fuji Terebi’s Mu-Sata (short for Music Saturday). The girls haven’t been on this show since a year ago. Skipping the introductions and how the host comments on how much the girls’ image have changed within a year at the beginning, this episode’s main feature is on Haruna and Rina, who participates in the Q&A segment.

Host: What’s the happiest thing that’s happened to you so far this year?

Haruna / Rina: Getting to meet lots of Senpais from female rock bands / Budokan

Host: With reference to your new album “Queens are Trumps ~Kirifuda wa Queen~”, have you experienced anything you feel triumph in up till today?

Haruna / Rina: Yes (both)

Host: Tell us about the one thing you’ve met recently.

Haruna / Rina: Power stone (holds wrist up) / Almond Crush

Host: For this year’s fashion through the 4 seasons, what’s the one item you’re really into?

Haruna / Rina: Eh, what is it…I want a lot of hats / the short-pants style

Host: Lastly, tell us about your one secret.

Haruna / Rina: Surprisingly, I’m a “M”(masochist) / I don’t wear any clothes at home

The host is then quick to comment that Haruna really looks more like a “S” (sadist) than an “M”, and Haru says that her being on stage is different from her now, but generally even fans have the impression that she’s more of a “S”. When switching to Rina who doesn’t wear clothes at home, the host has to clarify that does she really not wear anything at all (not even undergarments)? Rina says she doesn’t wear anything except for her panties (at home), and she’s been like that since debuting if she’s alone at home. It apparently gives her a sense of freedom and everything feels better if she takes her clothes off. She feels light after that.

The host also asks what about if they’re on tour and when they’re in a hotel. Rina jumps in even before the host finishes, saying, “I don’t wear anything either”. The host then goes, “What if someone visits suddenly?” and Rina replies, “Yabai! (That’ll be bad)”. The likelihood if this does happen would be that Rina wouldn’t immediately answer the door and will ask whoever it is to wait while she rushes to put something on.

~Credits to Yedz Aranzanso from Scandal Heaven PH
~Credits Also To Rusty Dela Rosa:)


But i kinda like it XD *super perv*

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