Thursday, 18 October 2012


Date : 1st December 2012 (Saturday, 8:00p.m)
Venue : KL Live - Concert Hall

A very good morning to all Scandalous fans outside there. As it was informed earlier, Scandal will be officially confirmed perform in Malaysia. As we are the admin of the Official Facebook Event page, we need a favor from every each of you, to help us click something on the page to support us in the event.

2. As you see the "JOIN" button on the right corner top, please click it. It doesn't matter if you got go or not.

3. Really thank you for your time to read this post

- Our goal is to reach 1500 attendance as what our organizer wanted and we will present the result to SCANDAL backstage personally. We understand for those who don't have Facebook account is fine. We appreciate every each of individual click to help us in this event and also if you do, please help us to share around with your friends.

-Further details regarding the event, there will be Meet & Greet session with Scandal and also might be autograph session as we are discussing with the SCANDAL's manager. Please stay tune for further updates from our organizers. Thank you!!! Arigatou!!!

Terms & Conditions:

-Ticket prices include RM 3 Ticketing Fee
-Once tickets are sold, no exchanges or cancellations will be entertained.
-No photography, video and audio recording allowed.
-1 ticket admits 1 person only
-Minimum age for admission is 3 years and above. Require ticket for admission.
-Children aged below 12 years and below must be accompanied by an adult.
-The Promoter reserves the right to amend, revise, change and/or upgrade tickets holders at its discretion.

Latest Updates :

*Almost 50% of Tickets Sold out already. Wow! and this is within a short span of 2 weeks :) Awesomely cool! Looks like everyone is grabbing the Early Bird promotions which will be over by the end of the month. So, hurry and yours quickly before the promo ends :)
*ANIMAX is now the Official TV Airtime Sponsor, RENTAK SEJUTA is now the Official Forum and PIVOT Solutions has been appointment as the Event Management Team :)

We will be updating the rest of our Media Partners and Sponsors soon :)

There will be lots of exciting contests and promos coming up also, so start spreading the news and stay excited :)


  1. Did the concert will be on tv?
    I'm live in Kuantan, Pahang....
    I really want to watch that concert....

    1. I can't.... :'( Mak tak bagi la....
      Very sad..... I really want to watch that concert!!!!!
      You pergi ke nanti?

    2. Im going to that concert for sure. But need to pujuk my mum first. She still dunno about this. hehehe

    3. Where do you live? Good luck.... I hope your mum allow you to go... I don't care if I can't go... I just one thing, SCANDAL's signature or picture...

  2. Kerling, Selangor. Hahahaha. I will get their signature on my scandal album.

  3. Cool... I hope I can get one... If next year SCANDAL coming too, I will try to go...