Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Haruna Charm!

Nowdays, i spend more time watching Scandal Band video and i noticed something.

look at Haruna's eyebrows

did she always do like that? I'm sorry because i just notice it now. I'm a BIG fan of Tomomi XD

btw, Haruna charm that make my heart DOKI DOKI <3
--> Her voice of course :P
--> Her pouts <3<3<3
--> Eyebrows
--> Ear
--> Teeth

*But Tomomi still my favourite :D*

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Scandal J-Pop Concert 2012 in MALAYSIA!!

Click the link above <3

or you can read this XD

Stay tune this SEPTEMBER 2012  all you fans of Japan's awesome all girl band - 'SCANDALS' as we will be releasing full details and release dates  for the actual promotions regarding the upcoming Scandal Jpop Concert 2012 in Malaysia. 

Updates on the availability on tickets, pricing, concert venue and lots more will also be release during this time. 

This is one of Malaysia's Events in conjunction with:

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Look East Policy, which was introduced by then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir in 1982.

Bilateral relation between Japan and Malaysia has gradually developed since then. In particular, exchange and study programmes under the Look East Policy have greatly contributed to exchange of talents, economic development and mutual understanding of both nations.

Upon entering the 30th anniversary of the Look East Policy, cultural events, human exchange programmes, symposiums, seminars and public lectures will be organized throughout the year with the purpose of further strengthening the bilateral friendship. All these may create a new era for Japan and Malaysia.

Related bodies in Japan and Malaysia have formed the “Malaysia-Japan Committee for the 30th anniversary of the Look East Policy”. The committee hopes to receive applications for inclusion as a 30th anniversary of Look East Policy event from the public in support of the 30th anniversary Look East Policy.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Tanjoubi Omedetou Haruna!

August 10, 2012





From Haruna's blog. Lots of FRUITS :)

Haruna!!! here, from me. Misa Kitara. Hope you like it <3

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Scandal - Yumemiru Tsubasa

Yume miru tsubasa ni notte
Yume miru tsubasa ni notte

Kyou mo watashi wa umaku waraenai no
Yoake no machi wa kinou no tsuzuki
Sukoshi wa suriru ga mazatta you na
Dorama ni yoku aru koi ga shitai dake

Hitori bocchi mo "Sou waruku nai" to
Mado ni utsusu mo pooka feisu
Anata no migite ni todokanai kara
Watashi no ai wa itsumo gikochinai

Yume miru tsubasa ni notte
Anata no koe ga mune ni hibiku
Yakusoku no basho e

Heddofon de mimi wo fusaida
Tsuki to hoshi tachi yoru wo irodori
Zerokai ichika de kawari yuku sekai
Shiawase fuzai no ima wo tsukiyabure

Yume miru tsubasa ni notte
Anata no koe ga mune ni hibiku
Kono kyori ga suki yo

Yume miru tsubasa ni notte
Yume miru tsubasa ni notte
Yume miru tsubasa ni notte
Yume miru tsubasa ni notte

Yume miru koro wo sugite mo
Yume miru koro wo sugite mo


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Scandal Malaysia Unofficial Fan Club T-Shirt

Let do some contest. Come up with a t-shirt design for Scandal Malaysia Fan Club. Design will be chosen based on the "likes" and the designer no need to pay for the t-shirt. Okay?

*Closing date is August 18, 2012 (subject will change)
*Can post more than one design
*Admin also can join :P
*Can't copy other participant design
*For Malaysian only
*For Malaysian only*