Monday, 20 October 2014

Jannine Parawie Weigel

Its been a while since my last post. Okay, actually I forgot that I have a blog :P

So, today I would like to post about her, my new bias *melting*

Artist name: Jannina W
Real name: JannineParawieWeigel
Jannine (French, Hebrew) meaning is “God is gracious”
Parawie (Thai middle name) meaning is “Sun Light”
Thai nick name: Ploychompoo (pink Sapphire) Sometimes called  Ploy (Sapphire)

Religion: Christian
Race: European – Asian
Nationality: Thai – German
Date of Birth: Sunday (06:35 am) 30 July 2000 in Steinfurt, Germany


“ Native Thai speaker”
Excellent Thai skills : listening, speaking , reading , writing

“Native German speaker”
Excellent German skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing

“Speaks English very well”
Proficient English skills: Listening, speaking, Reading, Writing

Speaks some Chinese (She attends Chinese class every Sunday.)
At present, She is learning Vietnamese by herself.  She hopes that she can speak some Vietnamese soon.

Height &Weight : 163 cm, 44 kg. (30 November 2013)

Jannina W was born Steinfurt, Germany and lived there for 10 years.

In July 2010, her family moved to Thailand where she has lived since.
She has 3 older brothers (1986. 1988, 1990).

2003-2006 : Kingergarden Saint Martin , Steinfurt Germany
2006-2010 : School; Regenbogenschule, Steinfurt Germany
2010-2012 : Homeschooling (Grad 5-6), Thailand
2011-20xx : Began pre-degree program at Sukhothaithammathirat Open University (as of this year 2013 , she’s 1 year ahead of the programmed study).   She plans to finish a bachelor degree in 2017.
2012-2013 : Distance Education Institute (Thai) She will finish grade 9 in March 2014
2014-2015 : This is what she plans for the coming years:  She will take part in the examination “International General Certificate of Secondary Education” (IGCSE).   If successful , she will finish
high school at the beginning of 2015

Since 2010, Jannina W entered the entertainment business through a modelling agency.  She does advertising and she also took part in beauty (for kids) competitions.

When she was 11 years old, she tried to change the direction of a future career from modelling to singing.  She began studying singing intensely by herself for 3 months and then took part in a singing competition of the well known Thai TV program “Singing Kids”.  This program is shown on TV in every part of Thailand and she won 3rd place (from more than 10,000 kids) in this competition.

After her first appearance in “Singing Kids” which was on aired in April 2012, she was contacted by GMM Grammy.

On September 2012, she played in the music video “How far is near or How long is close” (ไกลแค่ไหนคือใกล้) by Getsunova . This music video made her popular in a short time.

Since October 2012, she is an artist of GMM Grammy

She studied singing with professional vocal trainers since November 2012 and attends dancing, acting and other lessons.

Because she loves singing, she created her own “youtube” channel (Jannina W) for her fans to keep in touch with her during the time she works as a trainee and she doesn’t have any performances.

Favorite colors:  pink, green, blue, purple
Movies: Harry Potter, Hunger games, Percy Jackson, Saw, Scream, Spider man, Thor
Food: north-eastern Thai food, Pizza, Tom yam kung, Fried chicken, Lemonade

Places she wants to go to:  England +Ireland, Italy, France,  Singapore,  Vietnam

Biggest dream:  To be a famous singer!!

One of my favourite *tersipu malu*

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