Sunday, 4 November 2012

30 Day SCANDAL Challenge

30 Day SCANDAL Challenge:

Day 01: Your first song that you heard
Day 02: Favourite Member
Day 03: Your Crush (For Boys)/Your Idol (For Girls)
Day 04: Song you’re ashamed you enjoyed
Day 05: Member you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Day 06: Least Member
Day 07: Favourite Duo
Day 08: Most epic live scene
Day 09: Member you want to be your instrument/music teacher *
Day 10: Favourite PV
Day 11: Favourite PV/LIVE Outfit
Day 12: Your favorite Photo (GROUP)
Day 13: Favorite photo of your favorite Member
Day 14: Current SCANDAL Song *
Day 15: Post a Funny photo of the girl/s
Day 16: Favorite MAMI Guitar
Day 17: Favorite HARUNA Guitar
Day 18: Favorite TOMOMI Bass
Day 19: Favorite RINA Drums
Day 20: Favourite Album
Day 21: Favorite Single
Day 22: Favourite Album Cover
Day 23: Best Composer
Day 24: Member that you want to make fun of *
Day 25: Member that would be your sister *
Day 26: Member that you want some advice
Day 27: Member that inspires you the most
Day 28: Best Hairstyle *
Day 29: Miss Photogenic *
Day 30: Memorable SCANDAL moment

My answer :

Day 1: BEAUTeen! They look soooo energertic i guess? Lol

Day 2: Tomomi for sure. I started to love her when they performing Koshi Tantan at Animax Musix Fall 2010

Day 3: Still Tomomi <3 I love her because she is childish, cute, sweet, flawless, funny :D

Day 4: Kill the Virgin. Lucky none of my household can't understand english XD But still, nothing wrong with that song. It just too "SCANDALOUS"

Day 5: Hmm. Maybe the old Mami because i'm chubby (no offence) and Tomo because i love to make noise :P

Day 6: Canta (the girls said that Canta is part of SCANDAL)

Day 7: As for me, TomoHaru <3 Because Haruna is mature and Tomo is childish. SOOOOOOOO PERFECT TOGETHER :)

Day 8: When they celebrate Mami's birthday on the stage (Rina kiss Mami lol)

Day 9: Haru! Because she looks strict XD

Day 10: Let's go! @ Pin Heel Surfer. They show too much awesomeness in that PV :D

Day 11:

Day 12: 

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