Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Scandal Budokan News

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Pop-rock group SCANDAL, who had their first-ever Budokan concert last Mar 28th, were present at WOWOW studio to commemorate the first broadcast of the said concert. A special fan event was held at WOWOW Shibuya Station in Tokyo last June 24th were lucky channel subscribers got invited via lottery draw.

During the fan event, a preview of the girls’ “SCANDAL vs. BUDOKAN 2012” was shown. The girls were able to watch the concert video while in the dressing room, “I was a nervous wreck, I have this gachigachi face from the start,” Haruna commented, she also added that her heart was still pounding while watching the opening part of the concert. “I remember how and when some performances got bad,” Rina said with a laugh.

Despite their shortcomings during the concert, the girls can’t help but marvel at their cute costumes and at cool camera effects added for the video.

The girls also promoted their upcoming single "Taiyou Scandalous". The said single is a summer pop song and the girls got to film the PV in a pool. "The foothold would shake several times," Tomomi shared about the make-shift platform used for the PV, "I was afraid I might fall in the water."

At the end of the event, gift bags were distributed to the attendees such as the limited WOWOW x SCANDAL original goods. Everyone enjoyed their contact with SCANDAL and even got to shake their hands.

“SCANDAL Live 2012 [SCANDAL vs. BUDOKAN]" will be shown on WOWOW TV on July 22nd at 11PM. Furthermore, SCANDAL’s single “Taiyou Scandalous” will be released on July 11th.

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