Tuesday, 20 March 2012


March 20, 2012

Hari ni ada olahraga kat Proton City. aku masuk 100m. And of course, aku kalah 1st round. Awesome!!
4 the 1st time, im using starting block n spike shoes on track. Worst =.='
Meet my TaeKwonDo juniors, Aaron Khoo Ming Jun and his siblings,Dorothy and Kenneth. Happy :)
Wandering around the Proton City wif Safuan. *sajejenaktayangmukakatsemuaorang*
Next five hours. S**t, it is so damn boring. Nothing to do and i doesn't know anyone there.
Olahraga isnt the same with TKD. The smell, and noise. It's completely different and i hate it.

But, esok ada olahraga lagi. boleh jumpa Nadia Natasya. Weee~

For some reason, I hate that starting block XD

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