Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's a Brand New Year

January 8, 2012
I decided to become an OTAKU. Watch these scene everyday, everytime .

Cute scene. Kyaa~

Unexpected scene. Then I was like EHHHHHH!!!???

Sexy scene. *blushing*


and i can watch SCANDAL, the most powerful band all day long. LOL!

Mami Sasazaki (Lead Guitarist&Vocal)
Tomomi Ogawa (Bassist&Vocal)
Haruna Ono (Rythm Guitar&Vocal)
Rina Suzuki (Drummer&Vocal)

But there's no way i can become an otaku. This is my final year in high school. Need to focus on my studies -.-"

BTW, today is Senri Kawaguchi, super awesome drummer 15th birthday.

 Tanjoubi Omedeto! / 誕生日おめでと

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